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Your Participation

The University of McDull is a young university. We need your support and contribution to make our history.

There are several ways for you to participate in our activities activities:

1. Picky Pick

Share with us whatever great stuff you get.

If the material is already online, send us the URL. If you have a soft copy of the material, send us the file. If the matter is printed matter, send us details of the source and we will look it up on our own.

In any case, please be reminded to tell us details of the source, such as the author, the publication, the date, etc.

2. Never Save Your Ink!

You are more than welcome to write us an article, an essay, a research paper, or writing in any format. When you submit your writing, we would appreciate if you also send us a brief profile of your background so that your readers could know a bit more about you.

It is alright if the writing you send us has been pulished somewhere else. Simply make sure you give us information of the previous publication.

3. Spot the Error

We are sure we have typos here and there. When you come across them, please report them to us. We will fix them as soon as possible.

4. Play the Devil

We know we are far from perfect and we value your opinions. Tell us what you like and don't like about the University of McDull. We try our best to live up to your expectation.



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