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 Materials available here may not be related to McMug directly, but they may give you a better insight into comics, literature and arts.

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  Give Us More Time: Local Animation (Dean's translation)

UBeat 51. May, 2002.

Dean's Note: This article discusses the prospect of the local animated film industry and the difficulties it is facing.

  Comics More Than Just a Laughing Matter

Alan Lee.
Sunday Young Post. SCMP. 15 August, 2001.

Dean's Note: This is Part II of Alan Lee's breif introduction to the early history of the local comic industry.

  Comics Craze Has Long and Colourful History

Alan Lee.
Sunday Young Post. SCMP. 8 August, 2001.

Dean's Note: Read this article for a breif introduction to the early history of the local comic industry.

  Awaiting Public Recognition

Flora Chan.
Varsity. October, 2000.

Dean's Note: Flora Chan met three local alternative artists -- Lily Lau, Lai Tat Wing, and Chao Yat, and talked about the future of Hong Kong's alternative comics.

  Images from the Dark Side

Lily Lau's cartoons are not just black humour: her new collection is a nightmare vision of urban grotesque. Jason Gagliardi ventured to the artist's abattoir studio to plumb the depths of her mind.

Jason Gagliardi.
SCMP. 28 August, 2000.

Dean's Note:

  Cartoon Character Assassination

Dilbert is beloved of millions of overworked, underpaid and badly managed employees around the globe. But has the cartoon's creator Scott Adams sold out to the corporate world he satirises? And does he care? Andrew Gumbel reports.

Andrew Gumbel.
The Independent
SCMP. 5 July, 2000.

Dean's Note: Read this to understand more about the balance between business and arts. While McMug gets increasingly popular through its cute collectables, we may wonder how much it has compromised with the commerical market.

  Homer's Odysess

The Simpsons is one of the great literary works of the 20th century, says novelist and critic Gilbert Adair of the cartoon series that turned 10 years old last week.

The Independent
SCMP. 27 June, 2000.

Dean's Note: Don't underestimate cartoons or comics. McMug should be taken as a piece of good literature too. It is beyound mere humor and fun.

  Growing Pains

Paul McGuire
SCMP. 7 June, 2000.

Dean's Note: While the literary values of J K Rowling's phenomenal bestseller remain arguable, it is agreed that great children's literature is nothing inferior. It deserves recognition. Read how the forth of the Harry Potter series has fueled debate on the status of children's literature.

  My Way

Paul McGuire
Varsity. June, 1996.

Dean's Note:

Member of