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From the Vice-chancellor

Welcome to the University of McDull!!

The history of the University of McDull dates back to the February of 1998 when the then College of McMug published online a research paper titled "Not Just Kids' Stuff la!" on McMug's popularity among both children and adults. The paper drew wide attention and support from fans of McMug all around the world. It became clear that scholars interested in local children literature have been looking for quality resources for studies on McMug.

In response to this demand, we, the then College of McMug, decided to expand our research centre and to upgrade ourselves to the University of McDull. We promised to gather more helpful online materials and to raise people's awareness of McMug's values as a piece of literature.

The University of McDull was opened in September 2000. It is a non-commercial public university who provide free online resources for studies on children's literature in general and works by Brian Tse and Alice Mak in particular. Visitors to the University are free to use materials available on this website as long as they follow the code of conduct specified in the Copyright section below.

For information about how you can participate in our academic activities, please go to our Visitor Centre.

I sincerely wish you all good luck with your studies.

Yours faithfully,
P.T. Patable
Vice-chancellor & President


The University of McDull is powered by, a renowned community of dynamic, multi-talented designers. We are grateful to have full support from's members in both academic and techical terms.

The founder of the University of McDull, Patable P. T., is also one of two founders of Patable P. T. graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a honors BA degree in English. With a strong interest in arts and the new media, he commits himself to supervising all academic activities on this website. Please visit his personal homepage miniFacetz to understand more about his background.


Resources available on this website are solely for promotion of academic discourse.

We do not mean to challenge the copyrights of any publication. The copyrights are exclusively held by the publications and/or the writers concerned.

Visitors to our website please limit their use of these materials to academic reference. Please state the source clearly when you use these materials. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

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