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  Yellow Bus's 100th Birthday (Dean's translation)

East Touch 371. 11 July, 2002.

Dean's Note: This article covers briefly the history of McMug's transformation from a sub-character into a multimedia star and the ups and downs of Excreman's quest for acceptance.

  My Life as McDull

Mathew Scott
SCMP. 9 May, 2002.

May, 2002

Dean's Note: Included here are extracts from two articles about the movie My Life as McDull being shown on the international stage of the fourth festival of Asian cinema at Udine, Italy.

  All Blur (Dean's translation)

Christian Times 775. 17 February, 2002.

Dean's Note: The journalist discussed with Alice Mak about her religion.

  Pigs Can Fly!

K. S. Siu
SCMP. 31 December, 2001.

Dean's Note: This brief article offers no new information. How Alice became an illustrator is repeated here and McMug and McDull's all-age readership is again discussed.

  Getting Recognized by Being Different

Mandy Fu.
Varsity. December, 2001.

Dean's Note: Ernie Au, the creator of Ar Fu, explains how local cartoon characters struggle for market share against popular Japanese characters.

  When McMug Meets Master Q (Dean's translation)

Hong Kong Economic Times. 14 March, 2001.

Dean's Note: This feature only deepens the cliched perception of the illustrator's character.

  Illustrator Extraordinaire

Germaine Choi.
Varsity. October, 2000.

Dean's Note: This is only another article covering almost the same subjects as in previous interviews, but it touches on one or two rare subjects like Alice and Brian's marriage and the difficulty of the Chun Tian Hua Hua Foundation now faces.

  Being Mrs Mak, at last -- Alice Mak (Dean's translation)

Next Magazine. 20 April, 2000.

Dean's Note: The journalist wrote this interesting feature after having an interview with Alice Mak, which covers topics like Ms Mak's new office, "Chun Tin Fa Fa Kindergaden," at Wanchai, her alleged marriage with Brian Tse, and the "commercialization" of McMug.

  Controversy over Excreman (Dean's translation)

Oriental Daily News. 13 Nov, 1999.

Dean's Note: This article discusses different opinions about Excreman's removal from Yellow Bus owing to schools' and parents' pressure.

  Turd World Cartoon Character Has Large Adult Following in HK

Fiona, Yuk-Wa Law.
The Voice. June, 1999.

Dean's Note: This is one of the only few articles on Excreman. It was written amid parents' criticism against the bad influence of Excreman on their children. The writer unfolded comments from professionals, students and young readers.

  McMug and Friends to Debut on iTV

Wayne Leung.
Varsity. February, 1998.

Dean's Note: This is about the birth of McMug animation, now shown on iTV, and the technical concerns in marking McMug alive.

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