Freeway - Compass Visa

Launched by August, 1997

Concept: - Everyday compass - Use irregular color shapes to create the energetic feeling of the brand Typeface.

Launched by August, 1997

Concept: - Compass Visa - One of the below the line of the promotion "Everyday Cash Bonanza".

Launched by August, 1997

Concept: - Everyday compass and Compass Visa - Under the inspiration from the line "Enjoy delightful offers in August with Compass Visa", which I emphasis the word "8".

Launched by February, 1998

Concept: - Everyday compass - Under the inspiration from the line "It is the time of the year when love is in air, I use a heart-shaped moon floating on the sky.

Freeway - Wheelock
Launched by December, 1997

Brochure, Direct Mail, Corporate idendity

Brochure Concept: - My Loft is a building of Wheelock Propertities Limited provides storage space as wine cellar, AV equipment, mixed storage and warehouse

In this project, I do not only responsible to design the map, chart, floor plan, brochure but also act as a coordinator of the 3D illustrator and photo-retoucher.

Direct Mail Concept: - Use the die-cut and Q&A technique to illustrate the concept. On the cover is the items which u want to store like Petrus 1952, beloved Elvis Album. treasured toys, valuable books and fashionable nightgowns. Underneath provides u are My Loft's wine cellar, AV equipment, mixed storage and warehouse.

你 是 否 仍 在 尋 一 個 能 夠 放 置 夢 想 的 自 我 天 地 ?

現 在 有 一 個 多 用 途 私 人 倉 庫 , 為 這 些 富 紀 念 意 義 及 實 用 價 值 的 物 件 提 供 一 個 理 想 的 存 置 空 間 。

【 萬 能 閣 】設 計 獨 特 , 是 專 為 滿 足 香 港 人 對 儲 物 空 間 的 需 求 而 設 。

Petrus 1952 …… 私 人 藏 酒 庫

至 愛 的 Elvis Album …… 影 音 器 材 室

最 寶 貴 童 年 回 憶 …… 物 品 存 置 間

充 實 自 己 的 知 識 寶 庫 …… 私 人 藏 書 閣

名 師 設 計 的 高 貴 晚 裝 …… 衣 物 儲 存 間

Logo Concept: - the circle in the center represent something precious like a pearl which is stored safely in the middle of the blue thick square represent, building. The color theme is chosen by the client because of the superstitious reason.

Freeway - Obeo
Launched by November, 1997

Product Catalogue

Catalogue Concept: - Keys and Locks is the theme of that serious of glasses, so I use pieces of keys and lock- shaped aluminium as the background of the photos and the lighting effects is suggested by the photographer.

Freeway - Fortune Calender
Launched by February, 1998


Calendar Concept: - That year is the Year of Tiger, the face pattern of a tiger is being used as the background, whereas as the brand name is used as the greetings. By repeating the word "連年" implies the idea that you will be fortunate yr by yr after u takes Fortune medicine.

4As Student Awards - Bronze
Launched by June, 1996

Bill Board Campaign for 4As student awards competition

Concept: The brief of this competition is to encourage people to give birth for female in PRC, however, under the one-child policy is hard for people to treasure the life of a girl. Therefore, through the campaign, I take three successful female represent three different age group female as evidences showing that female can also be great if we ( parents and grandparents ) give them chances to develop their inborn gift.

Dear Mom & Dad: It is only with your help can I now reach for the stars. Love, Daughter. ( Chan Mo Wah - Chinese Gymnast. )

爹 、 媽 : 全 靠 您 們 我 才 能 頂 天 立 地 …… 女 兒 上

Dear Grandpa, Grandma: Without you, I would not have made a name for myself internationally. Love Granddaughter. ( Qong Li - famous Chinese actress. )

爺 爺 、 奶 奶 : 沒 有 您 們 我 不 能 飛 聲 國 際 …… 孫 女 上

Dear Grandpa, Grandma: Thanks to you I can now do my bit for my country. Love, Granddaughter. (Mo Hui Lan - Well known female leader.)

老 爺 、 姥 姥 : 多 得 您 們 我 才 能 為 國 效 力 …… 外 孫 女 上

Baselines: For the sake of the next generation, don't differentiate between male or female. The Family Planning Associate of the PRC.

培 育 下 一 代 , 不 分 男 與 女

Organic Garden
Launched by June, 1997

Logo, Poster

Logo Concept: - A scarecrow is watching and taking care inside the organic farm. As long as organic farming do not use pesticides and insecticides, therefore a scarecrow is a necessity. By twisting the Chinese stroke into a scarecrow in the word,"圃", farming gardens, the nature of organic farming is presented visually.

Poster messages: - The vegetables we used to eat is not as good as they look. Although they look juicy, greenish and pure, they are not really healthy, in fact, pesticides, artificial chemicals, and preservatives added to them. So try eating organicfood.

Poster execution: - By using a white mouse, symbolize a testing body for experiments, act as the human role, to demonstrate and exaggerate the harmful side-effects of eating the ordinary fruit, vegetables and beans.

Apple Poster - After eating ordinary apples, the wax that is on the surface of the fruit will left in your body. In mouse situation, the mouse tail will turn into candle.

白 臘 鼠 : 點 解 你 仲 唔 轉 食 有 機 水 果 ?【 慈 康 農 圃 有 機 水 果 絕 無 有 毒 農 藥 , 保 證 絕 對 新 鮮 健 康 。 】

Vegetable Poster - After eating ordinary vegetables, the metal chemicals will left in your body. The mouse tail will turn into a sharp metal.

合 金 鼠 : 點 解 你 仲 唔 轉 食 有 機 蔬 菜 ?【 慈 康 農 圃 有 機 蔬 菜 絕 無 重 金 屬 污 染 , 保 證 絕 對 新 鮮 健 康 。 】

Bean curd Poster - After eating ordinary bean curd, the carbonate additives will left in your body. In the mouse situation, the mouse tail will turn into a breakable chalk.

石 灰 鼠 : 點 解 你 仲 唔 轉 食 有 機 荳 品 ?【 慈 康 農 圃 有 機 荳 品 絕 無 人 造 添 加 劑 , 保 證 絕 對 新 鮮 健 康 。 】

Organic Garden Calender
Launched by June, 1997

Six months Calendar

Calendar Concept: Through the calender to remind people for eating vegetables, and how it is essential in our daily live. I chose 'Ginger' as the theme for it is not only a worldwide spice, but also has an old Chinese medical use for modern people.

Calendar Execution: By using familiar modern medical advertising technique and medicine name as a trick, to arouse people to understand the particular medical function quickly.

January and February ( Miss Piggy ) - Miss Piggy is famous for it beautiful shows. Ginger's reduce swollen function can help her to keep fit before Valentine's day.
Copy writing:
GIN28 日 修 護 薑 ﹣ 蘊 含 GIN 原 素, 修 緊 肌 膚, 消 除 水 氣 及 漲 滿 現 象。 用 後 必 令 明 艷 照 人 的 你 更 傾 倒 眾 生。 各 大 芝 麻 街 超 級 市 場 均 有 代 售。

March and April ( Jesus ) - Jesus is highlight for its suffering. Ginger can help him to relief pain.
Copy writing:
脫 苦 薑 ﹣ 此 薑 適 合 受 千 呼 所 指, 身 心 受 挫 的 人 士 使 用。 食 後 即 可 憑 堅 定 信 念, 促 進 患 處 血 液 循 還, 達 到 鎮 痛 效 果。 其 特 快 效 能, 必 令 受 傷 細 胞, 於 療 程 三 日 後, 再 度 復 活。

May and June ( Tai Hung ) - Tai Hung is very afraid of examinations in the Doraeamon cartoon, which ginger is useful for him to calm down.
Copy writing:
驚 風 薑 ﹣ 本 薑 特 別 適 合 天 生 儒 弱, 無 膽, 經 常 被 技 安 戲 弄 又 無 力 反 抗 之 兒 童。 消 驚 各 病, 功 效 顯 著, 誠 小 兒 良 藥, 居 家 旅 行, 球 場 打 波, 默 書 測 驗 不 合 格, 皆 宜 常 備。 叮 噹 誠 意 介 紹, 八 寶 袋 均 有 代 售。

July and August ( Buddy ) - He is famous for only got 3 hair, which helps to outstanding the ginger's function of enhancing hair-growth.
Copy writing:
美 源 生 髮 薑 ﹣ 採 用 薑 皮 祕 而 成, 令 毛 囊 健 康 成 長, 不 論 高 矮 肥 瘦, 男 女 皆 宜。 用 後 頭 部 直 接 吸 收, 能 打 破 你 一 向 的 搞 笑 形 象。 更 能 為 你 度 身 訂 做 一 個 全 身’ 帥 哥’ 時 款。

September and October ( Vampire ) - Vampire can't feel warm because of no running blood, the ginger is useful to awaken him and make him more engergetic.
Copy writing:
驅 風 薑 ﹣ 此 薑 具 有 回 陽 通 脈 功 用。 尤 其 適 用 於 體 溫 降 低 及 長 期 四 肢 肌 肉 僵 硬 人 士 使 用。 同 時 亦 具 治 療 貧 血 效 能, 需 要 時, 嗅 一 嗅, 其 濃 郁 味 道 即 時 止 癮。

November and December ( Rudolph ) - It is a deer famous for its red-nose. Ginger helps him to relief cold in a cold season, Christmas.
Copy writing:
幸 福 傷 風 薑 ﹣ 此 薑 能 消 除 因 感 冒 引 起 之 鼻 子 發 紅, 及 制 止 因 萬 家 歡 騰, 美 麗 動 人 場 面 引 起 之 敏 感 反 應。 此 配 方 含 豐 富 維 他 命 C, 足 以 解 除 因 運 送 禮 物 引 起 之 肌 肉 酸 痛, 迅 速 回 復 體 力。